Border Hope is a group of volunteers who seek to address the spiritual, educational, nutritional, employment, and other needs of people in communities of poverty in the U.S./Mexico border region. people love to build them! On land, in our hearts, in our mindsets, they separate "us" from "them," those we care for from those we don't. We dedicate our lives to the pursuit of material comforts and short-term gain, disconnected in our awareness from those who are excluded, and from the natural eco-systems that support us. Biblically speaking, we have erected a very thick border between "heaven," the realm of God who loves all, and "earth," where narrow self-interest, injustice, and indifference dominate. Surely there must be a better way to live and relate! It's time to tear down these borders, until the love of God fills our lives and communities, and heaven and earth become one.

Where shall we begin? In the United States, thousands of dollars are spent each academic year per child in public schools. In sharp contrast, just across the border, children in poor informal settlements are going without adequate education, nutrition, and guidance. They are only a few miles away, yet for many people it is as if they are on the other side of the universe. Though forgotten by most of the rest of the world, the Spirit of God is present and moving powerfully among them.

Building community ties to address needs is our focus. Won't you come and join us in this exciting journey?

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